The Canadian Olympic Experience


The olympics kicked off in Rio this weekend.  If you don’t know that, where the hell do you live?  Of course it fills our television stations and news, and in todays world our social media.  It will be filled with a bunch of different things, from the stupid opening ceremonies, like really who is watching that crap on TV, to some awesome sports, some horrifying failures/injuries and finally some champions.  At least that is the majority of it. But in Canada we will be inundated with a whole other experience. That of the celebration of a P.B. from our athletes and limited celebration of our champions.

Want to doubt my last point on lack of celebrating of champions?  How about the 2012 summer olympics, we win a gold medal on the trampoline.  One damn gold is all we could muster. And thank god Rosie MacLennan could put that together for us, truly our only champion in London. So obvious choice to carry the flag into the closing ceremonies, right?  No they have Christine Sinclair carry it in, some whiny ass soccer player who complained about officiating and managed only a bronze with her team.  But Canada was so proud of the Canadian soccer team.  Why?  What the fuck made them better than an actual Olympic champion?  The answer?  Nothing at all, in fact they were two positions worse than Rosie, but we celebrate them like they were better.  Absolute Canadian bullshit.

Sitting watching the olympics this weekend really I watch it for my own enjoyment, I know Canada is going to do terribly and the truth is we should really consider the end of government funding of the summer olympics.  Really my tax dollars can be better allocated than this.  You don’t believe me, here is Canada’s experience at the summer Olympics.

London 2012 – Rank 36 – Medal Count (G-S-B) – 1-5-12

Beijing 2008 – Rank 19 – Medal Count 3-9-7

Athens 2004 – Rank 21 – Medals 3-6-3

Sydney 2000 – Rank 24 – Medals 3-3-8

Atlanta 1996 – Rank 21 – 3-11-8

Since World War 2 our nation has finished in the top 10 of medal counts exactly one time (1984 L.A.).  For the love of all things holy we hosted the damn olympics in 1976 (Montreal) and we got shutout of the gold medal column.  We suck at the summer Olympics, which is ok because as a country we are totally ok with that.  For comparison the United States, in the listed Olympics above, had a worst medal count of 93 in Sydney every other year over 100.  Our total medal counts don’t even near the golds they took home at those olympics.  And the response will be from Canadians “Well we can’t compare to them.”  My question is, why the hell not?  Why are we okay with sucking.  Why do we not want to win.

When we send an athlete to the Olympics and the celebrate a personal best like that was enough, I wonder why.  Not because they shouldn’t be proud of themselves for doing well but because they should be a little disappointed when they don’t win.  Watching Mark Tewksbury get over excited about the women’s swimming relay get a bronze was embarrassing.  Nothing wrong with a little fist pump but we still didn’t win.  Great job ladies, but we should be aiming for gold.  Why don’t we win gold?  Because we don’t aim for gold, we aim for our best.  Do your best to win is the statement, not do your best.  Sport is about being the best, why train to be in the middle of the pack.  I realize it isn’t easy but it isn’t supposed to be easy.  I realize that these people are the very best and just getting there takes incredible work, but don’t settle for just getting there. Go for gold.  If you don’t go for gold you aren’t auditing what is holding you back, you are too busy self-congratulating.

We cover everything in the Olympics like this too.  A Spanish swimmer jumped early today, and should have been disqualified.  He cried his way away from the pool and then the judges changed their mind.  CBC coverage celebrating this.  As far as I know the other 7 guys swimming weren’t given preferential treatment in any way.  Rules are rules.  The fact that he cried until he was returned doesn’t justify celebration but the opposite, it should have us laughing.  Literally this guy cried until he got his way, isn’t that the ultimate millennial dream?

I know you are mad at me for not accepting personal best as good enough, but if you want to take my money to get over to this competition give me a damn reason to cheer for you. Right now I am looking forward to watching the American women dominate the Women’s Gymnastics team competition in a couple of days.  If we want to set a goal, that is it, we should want to beat the best  Just watched our men finish 7th in the Men’s 4X100M Freestyle swimming relay.  The Americans finished first.  In the last leg the Canadian announcer said “The Canadians working to hang on” and what did he mean.  To hang on to second last, that is right the announcer thought it was notable the Canadians were valiantly fighting to not be the worst in the pool.

My message is this, Canadian Athletes, compete for my dollar make me cheer for you and step the fuck up.  Start winning some damn medals and start getting jacked when we win a gold.  Penny Oleksiak has two medals in two days, this is the only Canadian Athlete I should hear about post competition until someone adds to the count.  Win yourself some medals, then we celebrate.  I will settle for some bronze medals, but no more talk about personal bests in eighth place, that just means your personal best still sucks!



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