Alberta Election Series of Blogs – Progressive Conservative Is a NO!


It is time for a blog binge.  The motivation is fresh and I am feeling like handing out my annoying thoughts to the world.  It is important to remember there are lots of really good places to get research completed for the upcoming Alberta Provincial Election, but here is a place to find the opinion of one man.  I will pass judgement on all parties and maybe mix in a little research.  Remember when May 5 comes around, get off your ass and vote.  If you don’t vote you should be summarily executed for failing to complete the simple task that many people in the world wis they had the option to do.  So this will be the intro blog which will pass as judgement on the PC party.

I will keep this short and sweet.  Over the next little bit I will dig into the parties that are presenting candidates for the May 5 election for your reading pleasure.  We will grab their platform planks and put them out for your reading before snapping those planks with a firm karate chop of cynicism.  Or maybe we will champion a couple from each.  Who knows.  I will start with the big guns.  New Democrats, Wild Rose, Alberta Party, Liberals and mix in the Green.  Then we will dig a bit deeper and see about a couple of independents and even have a laugh at the Social Credit party (thanks for hiring Larry Heather, dude is a huge asshole).

That being said I will not be presenting the PC platform planks or really be putting a lot into their campaign.  The reason for that is they had the past 44 years to make their pitch, and it stinks.  In the past 44 years the PCs have tried every angle to fuck Albertans and the past few years have been some real gems.  From Stelmach to Redford to Jim the asshole, this party is a dud.  They need to be put out of our misery.  As their once prominent leader Ralph Klein said (in regards to BSE of course), sometimes you just shoot, shovel and shut up.  Lets do that to Jim Prentice’s pro con party and his shitty little political career.

You want some reasons, ok:

1) PCs in 44 years have built the heritage trust fund only to then pillage it for their blunders.  It is basically useless because of their mismanagement

2) Every time Alberta does well they don’t save for the tough times they up their spending.  Building sky palaces and offering hand outs to their buddies’ golf courses.

3) They really want to add a lot of taxes and fees to you but they are going to offer you even worse service than they already are. Hard to believe they are going to offer worse but they are.

4) They promise to balance the budget but they are on their 7th consecutive year of deficit budgets. Seems to me we have a pattern.

5) Jim Prentice and his band of goons have no plan for the future.  They will keep taxing you to support their mismanagement, not ever fixing the bureaucratic  mess they have created. Our province is going broke on bad spending habits.

If those 5 aren’t enough you won’t have to dig deep to find more reasons the PC party is really just here to bend you over.  Say no to drugs, but if you say yes to drugs you should still be smart enough to say no to PC.  This is not an option.

Please enjoy the other pieces in this series, they will look at platforms and parties, hopefully presenting you with an option you like.  Remember when May 5 comes around you need to be at a polling station, mark an X beside any name that isn’t PC.  I don’t care we all have our own reasons to vote, pick the party that best stands for what you want.  The PC party stands for nothing but lies and unfulfilled promises.

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