Super Road Trip 2015 Planning


For those who have been following this wonderful blog since its inception, you are not surprised by my regular breaks.  Unannounced and without pattern.  I go hard at the blog for a bit and then back to not a lot of material for a while.  Mostly because I have to be feeling it, and since nobody pays for my crap, I only feel it for periods of time.  So this is the beginning of what will be a travel blog portion that will be focused on a May road trip.

A number of years back my lovely wife (then Fiancé) and I did an impromptu roadie down to Phoenix and then over to Vegas for a few nights.  We knew going in we would end up in Vegas, we had a hotel and a dog kennel booked in Vegas for that.  But we picked up and left one day, giving ourselves plenty of time to get to Sin City.  As we rolled out away from our house, two dogs in the back of our little Jetta and us in the front we didn’t know exactly what was in store.  What happened was a last minute decision between Sea World in San Diego and a Diamondbacks games in Arizona.  Phoenix won, so we went shopping for a day in Phoenix and were given some tickets to the game by a church group (little did they know the sinners they had handed those tickets too).  This was our best ever vacation, just the two of us and a lot of fun.  We didn’t have a lot money, so also a lot of McDonald’s value menu prior to Vegas.

With visions of that in our heads, and the fact we no longer have to save vacation days for hockey, we planned this years trek.  A long two-week rip through the middle of America and down to Texas to start.  We have some time ahead of us, so probably a short stop in Denver will be on the agenda.  Maybe a quick stop in Oklahoma City too.  But the goal is to start the Vacation in Houston, some 3500 KM away from home.  That is a 32 hour trip starting in the Evening of May 13.  I am excited about this because we have already started booking Houston.  We will be visiting NASA, I am a total space nerd.  Tiana may see a geek side of me not yet revealed to her.  I love rocket ships and everything about space.  Cape Canaveral is one of the coolest places I have ever been, hoping Houston’s holds up.  Also we are looking to take in a Houston Dynamo Soccer game on the Saturday night.  I will probably also let Tiana pick something to do there.  Finally is the crown jewel of my stop in Houston.  Tiana and I are going to wake up Sunday, check out of our hotel, have a nice breakfast and then drive to Minute Maid park, home of the Houston Astros.  We both grew up in the glory years of the Toronto Blue Jays winning a pair of World Series.  “Touch em All Joe” is a huge part of our childhood.  So we will be watching the Jays pummel the Astros that day.  To prep we got our Jays gear on order.  Tiana is getting a brand new grey Blue Jays Jersey, a Robbie Alomar replica.  Cause hey Alomar was everyone’s favourite Jay then.  So much so we are willing to forgive his saliva induced indiscretion.  I got myself an authentic Jays hat and a Russell Martin jersey.  How can you not cheer for the guy who is excited to play for his hometown club and is really just a great leader. We will sit behind the Jays dugout all needed up in our Jays gear with a hot dog and a beer in hand!

Our trip has a distinctly baseball flavour to it.  We will tour a lot of awesome sites in the areas we visit and will take in some evening ball games.  I think the ballpark is an awesome way to experience the states.

After Houston it is a while until I have carved us out much time for ball games.  We are off to the cost for Savannah, Georgia to see some of the historic architecture and enjoy the lovely coastal area.  From there it is up to Charleston South Carolina, where I am going to be excited to see Fort Sumter and take in some civil war history.

Not exactly sure on our next stop.  We will either head to Charlotte for the Nascar hall of fame and some sites or we will head a bit of course.  Up to Columbus, Ohio and from there on to Cleveland for a coupe of days.  I was hoping to land in the Cleveland area in time to see an Akron Rubberducks ball game.  This may be the current best name in baseball, I mean behind the Montgomery Biscuits.  But the Rubberducks are squeaking in another town when our timeline will land us there.

After this it is on to some true American History.  Next stop is going to be a very short stay in Chicago for one thing and one thing only.  We are going to Wrigley Field and we are going to see the Cubs before their run of futility ends.  I cannot think of a more historic sporting location than Wrigley and am super excited to sit in this ballpark.  We will be repurchasing tickets well in advance for this one.  If anyone has some good suggestions for best seating I would love to hear it.

At this point we will be on the home stretch.  But a couple of stops left on the way.  From Chicago it is off to Minnesota, where if all works out we will land in time to hit Target Field, one of the new gems of baseball and watch the Twins take on the historic Red Sox.  And from their off to Mount Rushmore, because no trip is complete without seeing a bunch of big ass heads of some famous dudes.  In fact my only goal in life is to have someone deface a mountain with my ugly mug.  These guys are my heroes for no other reason.

From Rushmore we will make our way home to see our puppies, who hopefully won’t have forgotten us.  And to let whoever Tiana has lined up for house sitting go free.  With as many days as possible I will try to provide an interesting and heavily skewed view of our travels.  And as is tradition I am sure Tiana and I will find somewhere to partake in our handgun hobby as well!

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