Day 2 of Salt Lake City Run!


I have been informed yesterday’s blog continued the wrong use of threw as through 3 times.  Oops sorry, I don’t proof read late night entries.  When someone pays me for it I will improve.  Today was day 2 in Salt Lake City and another enjoyable day was had by the Van Dyk clan!

The day opened early with the dogs needing to take a washroom break around 7:35AM.  Well actually earlier but I woke up with a brutal headache at 1:00 AM and it was still lingering when Kaia first asked me to wake up around 5:45AM.  We trotted our pups past the lobby and breakfast area to water the grass.  We returned to the room and each took a turn watching the mutts while the other acquired breakfast.  I like that free breakfast has been upgraded in a lot of these joints from continental style bagels, muffins and croissants to now include some warm stuff.  My wife went first, acquiring 4 baseball sized waffles from the waffle press and a yogurt she didn’t even open.  I trotted out next.  I am really fond of the conveyor style look of the pancake machines we have seen at other hotels.  Disappointingly I would not be wasting pancake batter on the conveyor machine here, they had no such machine.  Nothing for my fidgeting childish side.  I don’t like waffles and some dude was hogging both waffle makers.  Scooped myself a plain bagel and 2 things of cream cheese (one for each side).  Most would only have grabbed one cream cheese container, they were pretty big, but not this cowboy.  I want so much cream cheese there is only bagel for colour.  Added to the plate a nice chocolate cupca….. I mean muffin and a raspberry yogurt.  Grabbed some OJ and back to the room to hoover it all up and prepare for my wife’s birthday.

First stop the puppy daycare centre.  The cranky lady from day 1 wasn’t there and there was this cute puppy named bruno chilling at the front desk when we got there.  Our best friends were quickly ushered into the back room while another couple was there asking to see the facilities because their dog was sick form eating rocks.  I feel like the dog could have consumed said rocks basically anywhere and your dogs pica doesn’t seem like the puppy daycares issue.  All at Diggity Dog Daycare seemed very good at watching the dogs and diligent about  their work.  Happy to leave Kaia and Bella there and will the next time we are in town.

From the dog place it was off to starbucks,  Here we acquired Tiana’s morning coffee and her first birthday gift, a starbucks glass for cold drinks with a glass lid and straw.  Also her birthday cake (pop) was picked up here.  We like to start the day with the cake.  At this point it was 9:40AM and time to start planning the day.  Not much is open here on Sunday (I think the LDS thing has something to do with it).  We headed to Dick’s Sporting Goods downtown and acquired some happy birthday runners as a gift for the wife.  We also got the best bday present a set of socks!  By the way Dick’s is aptly name as he was a dick and didn’t open his doors until 5 minutes late.  The store is two freaking floors of sporting goods, it is awesome.


Next stop was University of Utah to see the campus.  Unfortunately the store wasn’t open but we did a quick walk around some of the cool buildings,  Really nice architecture on some of them.  Including the one building that is pictured above. I feel for a 102 erection that building should see a doctor.  Ok last penis joke in this blog.  By the way does anyone know what a Ute is?


We planned for another couple of hours working on our marksmanship.  Again only a certain number of things are open so we needed to try a new range.  I found one in Bountiful Utah (makes me think of Canada’s Bountiful, definitely not the same). The range is at the top of a mountain, in a very nice town.  We drove up the mountain and onto a dirt road towards the Bountiful Lions Club range.  At the end of the road was a long gun range towards the north and up a small hill to the east was a pistol range.  We are used to hearing protection prior to getting anywhere near guns.  But this open air range exposes you prior to the hearing protection.  And man was it load.  With all the guys firing rifles at long range targets it was booming loud. My ear drums rang and felt like they were trying to escape my head. Unfortunately the range didn’t do rental firearms.  So we loaded back up the care and decided we would find an alternative range.  Thanks to Facebook friend, military man and husband to our wedding photographer lives in the area and had some advice for a good range.  The range was in Layton and was called Get Some Guns & Ammo.  Cool name but it seemed a bit childish, made me wonder what kind of place it would be.  We loaded up the car and drove down to it.  Upon arriving I quickly realized that it was a significant upgrade from yesterdays range.  First off our olfactory senses weren’t attacked by the smell of burnt lead from the range. Definite bonus, not a great smell and really should stay in the range.  Secondly the store front was separate from the range.  The dimly lit long front area had a long glass case filled with guns and then an L-shaped glass case at the far end with more firearms.  The walls were covered with all the accessorizing any redneck would want.  Many holsters stamped with the word “Tactical” and other gun stuff I know nothing about.  In the middle of the room was a large opening into another are for the range desk.  A small wood desk with a cash register separated two glass gases filled with guns with tape on the butts, the rentals.  The guy at the desk was very knowledgeable and we filled out a much more well thought out waiver and handed him a license.  From there we selected to 9mm firearms and 4 boxes of ammo.  Tiana selected the Glock 19 Gen4, one she really enjoys.  A medium sized gun that is very light and is very easy to shoot.  I selected the Sig Sauer P229 a larger gun and I was happy with the P320 from the day before.  We were handed some very clean eyes and ears and allowed into the range to head to lane 8.  The entrance to the range lead to lane 12, weird to count backwards but it was the far right of the range.  The floor and walls were grey and the lane separators were black with a small, floor to ceiling plexiglass section at the back (furthest away from the firing line).  It looked so much cleaner than the awful yellowish white cinderblock walls of the previous days range.  Also, reassuringly there was a window at the back that looked onto the range desk and allowed them to easily monitor the range.  The clientele seemed a lot better too.  All seemed confident and knowledgeable and very safe with their firearms.  We selected some targets with 5 levels of different targets.  At the bottom was bowling pins marked 1-7.  The next row up diamonds in 4 different colours, then larger boxes, followed by similar sized circles and at the top row was smallish triangles.


Tiana opened the shooting with her glock, and she was feeling it.  Leading me to wonder if, similar to Kurt Busch (NASCAR driver), I had in fact married a professional assassin.  She clobbered whatever target she picked.  I was instantly having difficulty with the Sig.  We fired it for a while and then Tiana traded the Sig for an HK VP9.  This gun and I got along very well.  I was able to regularly hit my targets.  We acquired some traditional targets, circles of black with numbers in them and a red dot in the middle.  It was easier to see the hits on this and I was finally shooting better as we purchased box 5 and 6 of ammo.  Box 6 lead us to wrap up with another competition.  We got a pool table with the rules being call a ball.  Once you hit the ball you call the pocket.  The game was not as embarrassing as darts.  We ended in a dead heat, one ball and pocket combo each.  My masculinity returned I was feeling pretty darn good about a tie. Plus I picked a much harder pocket to hit!

We left the range and headed to lunch at Famous Dave’s, Tiana’s Bday selection.  Another fabulous meal and off to pick up the dogs.  No report cards today but both performed well and were pretty tired when they got in the car.  We loaded up and headed south for Provo Utah.  Not Mormons but I always imagined the BYU campus would match the beautiful architecture of the Salt Lake Temple.  This was not the case at all.  The campus is composed of brick buildings, koch of which are very plane and in the taste of maybe the 70s.  Even the football stadium looked unimpressive.  The basketball arena may have been the most boring of all, I would have thought the mormons would have sunk the most into the hallowed basketball den.  Not the case.  Halfway through our lengthy walk around campus the urge to pee really hit me.  However being a mormon school nothing is open.  Visitors centre was closed.  On the way back I stumbled on some construction and port-potties.  It was such a great find.  Only to discover about 400′ away the student building was unlocked for Tiana to make a pit stop.

Back into the car for the drive to a dog park and a long walk around there.  Kaia met a small chocolate lab who preferred playing with Bella, but not to be shutout Kaia found something stinky and awful to roll in, in the creek.

As the sun went down we drove by the well lit temple and back to the hotel for a quick shower.  From there it was off to Popeye’s for a wonderful chicken dinner and the completion of our blog. On the road bright and early tomorrow for the trip home.  It has been an awesome weekend with my wife, one a long time in the making.  I hope her birthday was awesome this year, and we will certainly be back to this lovely city soon!

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