Harper out of Line on Niqab


As I have said before I am neither a left-wing or right-wing type person when it comes to politics.  However I probably tend to more right on fiscal matters and more left on social matters.  This week our Prime Minister stumbled into an odd social matter.  While I am ok with a lot of the work that Harper is doing and could stomach him over the alternative come the fall elections, his views on citizenship and the hijab are unnecessarily discriminatory.  (read National Post Article http://www.nationalpost.com/m/wp/blog.html?b=news.nationalpost.com/2015/02/12/niqab-court-ruling-appeal)

Here is the thing, this is a flat-out stupid request.  Remove the Niqab for the oath.  How long does this oath take, maybe a minute.  Why remove the niqab.  In fact don’t even make a guy remove his ball cap.  It is a waste of time.  That is the easy point.

While PM Harper believes it is a sign of a society that doesn’t treat this woman as equal and comes for a not transparent and open society, that has no relevance.  Steven Harper’s personal beliefs of another culture have no bearing on reality.  This woman believes she should wear her niqab, who is Steven to tell her she is wrong.  I don’t see Steve asking people to remove crosses prior to their oath.  Christianity doesn’t have a really great tradition of transparency, openness or equality either.  So that argument is bunk.  I don’t think Steve-o qualifies as a leading authority in Muslim culture or religious practice, so lets not have him passing judgement from his high horse on this thought.

Even if you were to concede that you don’t think the niqab represents anything but he oppression of women by a culture with a long-standing tradition of oppression, this still doesn’t make sense.  Maybe Harper’s quote should have gone more like this “Sorry ma’am, as the leader of Canada I feel you have been oppressed for so long you are much too stupid to make up your own mind, and therefore to I will alleviate your oppression by oppressively demanding you remove your religious garb!”  What a fantastic fucking guy you are Steve.  And hey, nothing says welcome to the freedom of Canada like immediately restricting someone’s freedoms.  I can’t think of a more free statement than “YOU CAN’T FUCKING DO THAT.”

The big PM also thinks it is odd she would want to conceal her identity at this moment of oath.  I really, really hope we aren’t trusting our citizenship process to a minute long oath reading.  My guess is big bad H-Dog and his boys at CSIS and the RCMP have a pretty good understanding of who this person is prior to the taking of the oath.  I mean citizenship is approved prior to this oath, so I really hope someone at least glanced at the application and maybe called one of her references.  Steve, we did that? Right?

Essentially this was a great way for the PM to look like a bigot and a general asshole.  Hey Steve maybe you could tone down the rhetoric bullshit for a bit so you could win the election.  I can’t handle camp counsellor Trudeau as our PM.  Maybe lets not get our nose in places that are likely to be too polarizing.

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