Women Can’t Be Ghostbusters!


The world has come a long way in equality of the sexes.  A very long way.  Women are equal and contributing members of society, leaders of political parties and nations and business moguls.  This is all good but there is one thing that is sacred, women can’t be Ghostbusters.

Alright despite the opening rant this has nothing to do with the qualifications of a penis over a vagina when it comes to ghost fighting.  And everything to do with good old tradition.

With all due respect to all parapsychologists out there, we  know the only time a ghostbuster is actually of any use is on a television screen or in a movie theatre.  While many a crazy people will claim contact with ghosts, we all know they aren’t real.

However the wonderful movies and cartoons of my childhood are very real.  The Ghostbusters were a childhood staple for me, right there beside the original ninja turtles and a few other gems. My childhood was freaking awesome and there should never be the need to wreck it.  Destroying these iconic shows from my childhood is akin to telling a small child there is no Santa Claus.

I am not anti-remake.  I am all about these remakes. I know many say don’t mess with the original, but let’s be honest CGI and special effects have come a long ways and a kick ass remake is always a good thing.  I enjoy the old Ghostbuster movies but have always thought a remake wouldn’t hurt anyone. The Ninja Turtles remake was campy but I still enjoyed it for its pure nostalgia.

However a potential sin is about to be let loose onto our world.  An unforgivable sin.  Some total moron thinks he is going to do the remake  but Venkman, Egon, Ray and Winston will be broads.  What the hell is this sack of pure shit.  The Ghostbusters were made in a specific image and it should not be changed.  The franchise was plenty successful with four male leads and it was some damn fine entertainment.  This just looks like some stupid political correctness bullshit run amok.  In fact to me it is embarrassing to the feminists of the world, such a patronizing pat on the head.  Here you can have an all women Ghostbusters cast.

You can have your movie about four bimbos fighting ghosts but lets call it something else, not Ghostbusters.  Should we not have cast some fucking bearded dragons as the Ninja Turtles then too?

Don’t screw with something awesome from my childhood, and any female actress willing to take on this role should be summarily dismissed from all future roles.  The Ghostbusters are a cinematic classic, mocking this classic is like burning the flag, you just don’t do that shit, unless your on acid!

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