What Sick Is Like In My Home


So I have spent the last 4 or so days fighting the flu.  In fact since Saturday nigh this is the best I have felt all week.  Mostly it has left me in my bed with no energy to do anything.  But it isn’t easy to have the flu in my house, that is for sure.

I can’t remember the last time I was this sick.  I had heard about the nasty flu starting to rip through our city.  My first encounter was my Dad.  He braved the flu to watch the semi-final day at the Macs Midget Tournament, but he looked real rough.  He didn’t make it out the next day for the final.  The morning of the final my wife agreed to go to the game, but once at the game she was clearly not feeling well at all either.  I watched it take both of them down on the Wednesday and Thursday.  As a general rule, I get sick as soon as my wife does so there is no one to spoil me.  But I made it through Friday just fine.  Optimistic I woke up Saturday morning feeling, good.  I was hopeful I would make it through without being attacked.  But Saturday night the worry started.

We got home that evening and I could feel the soreness starting to set in.  I find I usually feel my first sore muscles at my hips and lower back, a bad sign for me.  Once the heavy sore legs set in I know I am in trouble.  And as Saturday night rolls on I was starting to feel sore everywhere and the chills were coming in waves.  I would wrap myself up in blankets but nothing fixed the discomfort.  Still I thought I would be ok in the morning.

Sunday morning rolled around and I knew I was feeling pretty off, I was still sore and the chills were pretty bad. The head congestion had started, that blurry brain feeling you get where nothing you are thinking of really comes into focus.  But nowhere near what I had witnessed in my wife as far as symptoms, sick but not too bad.  Through the rest of Sunday and Monday it got worse.  Adding to that was a new flu symptom for me, night sweats.  I had never had this with the flu.  But for the next 3 nights I was literally sweating through our sheets.  All the way through the duvet in fact.  I woke up and I may as well have just come out of the shower.  It made sleep pretty uncomfortable and finally by Tuesday morning I had full on lost the war, the Flu took me down.  I could barely move for two whole days.  By far the worst flu I could remember.

When I was a kid the flu was tough but Mom always made it a little better.  A constant service of fluids in the form of orange juice and ginger ale was given to us.  Wonderful chicken soup brought to us and dry toast.  Mom would grab some movies from the video store and be at our beck and call.  Basically a slave to the sick little brats in her house.  She would sympathize with us and understand our moans and complaints.  She would run us a nice hot bath, nothing is as good as a bath on the chills of a good sickness.  It was easier to take the flu because of that.

Since I have grown up and met the woman who loves me, I have been informed that I take all sickness to “man-sick” level.  Whatever I have, I whine too much and make too many annoying sounds.  So instead of a soothing back rub or bath being run, my wife might prepare me soup through her frustrated grimace.

I think my Mom over spoiled us and I have become an ultra annoying sick person.  It is sad though, I really miss my Mom every time I get sick.  This isn’t exclusive to my current family situation though.  I remember the first time I got sick after moving to Lethbridge for school.  I was feeling pretty rough, and it was made all the worse by the intense loneliness that came with sick.  I had to go to the grocery store and get my own OJ and soup, then drive home and make my own soup.  Nobody but me could go to the video store to get me something to watch, but that didn’t matter, I am sure my roommate didn’t want me laying in the living room feeling sorry for myself.  I downloaded something on the computer (I think we were using Limewire or some other outdated service) and watched some poorly recorded show on my crappy computer monitor.  I spent a lot of time in my little bedroom of my apartment.  And I remember the only constant thought was how much I missed my Mom at that moment.  Now I even text my Mom when I am sick and tell her how much I miss her.  I guess maybe my wife isn’t so bad just our Mom’s make sure they always have something over us.  Even with my Mom only a 5 minute drive away, I sure missed her this past week.

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