Je Suis Charlie – How Stupid is Blasphemy as A Thing


Like everyone I was horrified to hear about the shootings in Paris.  An act of terrorism that says a lot about those who would identify them with this the line of thought.  I am very happy to see the support for these satirical comics being shown in other media outlets publishing comics.  Here again was proof of religious fanaticism run amok, something that should no longer have a place in our world, regardless of religion.

Free speech has become a basic human right.  And it should be, my ability to say what I want should be up to me.  You have the right to disagree, dislike me for it, even hate me for it but you should never feel the need to kill me for it.  Of course those willing to kill over this comics are not capable of normal human thought and are obviously not part of the greater human race.  These are people who feel their archaic and stupid thoughts have a place in our world.  They don’t.

The basic theory behind all blogs is that a person can say what they want.  That is a right we should protect.  People have wonderful thoughts and the world is a better place when we get the opportunity to hear everyone.  Hate what some say, love what others say.  And when it is all said and done, love that they can say it.  Those unwilling to live in a world with free speech are welcome to remove themselves from it, but not to remove the free speakers.  I am glad to hear the Charlie Hebdo will be releasing its next run, it is my hope they are freer with their cartoons and satire than ever before.  Hopefully not holding back in insulting those who feel it was ok to act this way.

At the end of the day, why is it so insulting to draw the prophet of this religion?  Why would you kill over a picture?  A laugh amongst some is worth this violence?  I guess they didn’t get the joke.  The sad part is this has brings out awful assholes on both sides.  The Islamic fanatic who feels it is ok to have these beliefs and force them on others.  These guys are real pricks, we don’t care about Islam, someone let them in on the secret that there is no god, no allah, no imaginary sky friend.  So get over yourself.  You want to believe in that bullshit, have at it, but the rest of us want you to stop thinking we give two fucks.  On the other side is the fanatic who thinks banning Islam, or shutting country doors to Muslims is a good idea.  I grew up with one such bigoted ass, who feels this is his freedom of speech.  In all fairness he is welcome to his opinion but it still makes him a bigot.  You can’t generalize a group based on its hardline psycho contingent, at  the very least that puts a group from every religion able to alienate their chosen sect.  So those guys can go fuck off too.

What I did learn was that people still think blasphemy is a thing.  In fact the country I live in has a law in place that makes blasphemy punishable by up to 2 years of jail time.  Basically I am a fugitive from my local laws at this time.  I have been blaspheming for most of my life and have been very open about my blasphemy in social media for a number of years.  I regularly laugh at all gods, cause they are a crazy idea.  I laugh because gods are obviously a make belief story, poorly written stories at that, held onto by people for no sane reason.  I will continue to blaspheme for years to come, and hope the police don’t knock on my door, I really wouldn’t survive in jail.  Of course in Canada it is likely a Blasphemer would get the maximum sentence, surviving 2 years, while murderers get the short stints.  So I sit here wondering, how the hell is this still a thing?  I live in a developed country that should not ever be using religion to make any decisions, but we have a law about those who would speak against god?  Isn’t a little stupid for us to call out countries in the Middle East condemning atheists to prison and worse, while we basically have a similar law here.  Where did this law even come from.  Was religion always on such shaky ground that they figured they would legally force everyone into believing in their bullshit.

So to the crazy fucks in Paris, I hope there is an afterlife for you, a specifically awful piece of hell, no virgins for you.  For you crazy fucks who are going to use this to condemn all of Islam, I hope you realize discrimination isn’t acceptable and you just look like a dumb redneck asshole.  And finally for my country, get your head out of your ass and remove the stupid blasphemy law.  As for me, well I have a connect the dots to complete.

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