Edmonton Oilers – How not to run a hockey team


“Well, it’s time they got their act together. They’re ruining the whole league. They had better stop running a Mickey Mouse organization and put somebody on the ice.”


Let us go back to a simpler time.  A time in history where the people of Edmonton weren’t regularly let down by their most famous sports franchise.  A time when a team owned by a criminal could compete in a league of hockey professionals, and win championships.  During that time the above quote was spoken.  No Wayne was not referring to the Oilers of present day garbage, he was referring to the New Jersey Devils of 1988.  Oh how the tables have turned.  Now Wayne for an extended period of time the Oilers that you played for in 1988 are the Mickey Mouse franchise.  But it is worse than back then because no end is in sight.

Why write this blog?  Isn’t this piling on?  Beating a dead horse?  Well first off let me suggest this dead horse has long decayed into dust, unbeatable now.  And also these morons actually managed to pull another bone headed move this week.  Well this move started at the beginning of the season but really is in its culmination this week.  See the Oilers drafted a young German lad this past spring.  Only a few short picks into the draft adding Leon Draisaitl to their stable.  One loaded with many other forwards, of course also many under performing forwards.  While the average hockey critic said, maybe they should send him back and get a centre who can fill that role, while Draisaitl develops, the Oilers had other plans.  “To Hell with popular belief, and good player development, we shall ruin him now at 18 and not wait for later.”  Shouted Craig McTavish, the teams moronic GM.  And to ensure they would make room for the next player who they so wanted to destroy, they moved out another young man who had been rushed to fast and his development damaged by shitty management and equally shitty coaching.  Out went Sam Gagner and the centre ice position opened for Leon Draisaitl.  “Now release the man into the pack of wolves, if he survives he shall be our centre, if he fails he shall be dog chow.” MacTavish proclaimed, in awe of his ability to pull off one of the dumbest trades in NHL history.  Behind MacTavish stood none other than the moron king himself, Kevin Lowe, telling all who would listen how great he was of a hockey mind.  Never mind the past bunch of years where he ran the ship aground.

So the season would begin with Leon fighting the wolves and not getting much support from his downtrodden teammates.  Now they had a chance at 10 games to send him back to the WHL and not lose a year of his contract.  But MacTavish and the moron kingdom had much better plans.  No they would burn the year of his entry-level contract if only to continue to be able to tell their fans the future was near.  Of course the fans had to wonder what had changed since Schultz, Eberle, Yakupov and Hall had taken over the team.  And they were right, nothing had changed, their team continued to fail miserably.

December was fast approaching and MacTavish sat in his throne pondering his kingdom, the peasants grew restless but they were a loyal fan base and he cared little of their thoughts.  With December comes the annual World Junior Championship, an opportunity for young men under the age of 20 to participate in a best on best tournament for their countries honour. Many NHL teams ponder a tough decision at this time, send back their eligible players for competition, and likely back to junior at the completion or keep them in the NHL.  The Ottawa Senators asked young Curtis Lazar to pick and he was happy to don the maple leaf of Canada.  MacTavish and his idiot friend Lowe were faced with a similar decision with you Leon.  They thought only for a second or two, ok who are we kidding between the two of these morons a thought couldn’t be completed.  So they decided to keep you Leon from his German countrymen where he may even compete in a couple of meaningful games.  During this time the team chose to fire a coach, the very same coach that MacTavish had knighted and promised everyone he was a 10 year coach.  But in MacTavish years is what he meant and 10 days was more like the timeline.

You must wonder, what is the problem with keeping young Leon and his amazing 9 points in 37 games?  Well the problem is these dopes aren’t keeping Leon.  With the WHL trade deadline approaching MacTavish made a call to a WHL team in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.  “We shall return your player to the WHL, but not to your shit team, you must trade him to Kelowna.” Said MacTavish, apparently with no hint of irony in his voice.  So the PA GM agreed to trade Leon’s rights to another team so the Oilers could return him to the WHL.  Thankfully they had held him back from the World Junior Championship so he could be returned to a slightly lower calibre junior aged competition.

And with this decision the Moron-Kingdom continued to abuse one of the best fan bases in the NHL.  A group of fans who have suffered through absolutely brutal play for a very long time.  A rebuilding phase that is in its 8th season and no end in sight.  But these beaten fans continue to return to the rink and watch their team, even cheering.  Don’t they deserve better than the two morons running the team.  Actually make that 3 idiots because there is Daryl Katz the narcissistic billionaire who owns the team and just wants to hang out with former players.  The local radio station in Calgary refers to him as a jock sniffer, and I can’t think of a better term.

Even for this Calgary born and raised boy, I can’t stand what I see in Edmonton, the fans there deserve better.  The Leon Draisaitl saga just another blunder by this group of total idiots.  Please Daryl sell the team, Kevin and Craig quit your jobs. Do something already, the ears fit all to well.

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