Happy F’en New Year, Ramblings for the New Year!


So I here it was the beginning of a New Year today.  The day we change a calendar and continue to write the last years number down for whatever we have that needs dating.  Most of us woke up with a hangover today, not this cowboy though, and many of us stayed up to midnight to watch some stupid ball move on the TV and prove to ourselves while inebriated we could still count backwards from 10.  So here is my New Years blog.

First off lets do the year in review.  Last year was 2014, I don’t really remember a whole lot about specifics.  It was just another damn year.  My wife and I bought a new house, mainly because my sister did first and she found the perfect location for us to live, that just happened to be across the pond in our new community from her.  We sold our previous house for what I would say was a good price.  We were happy until of course our real estate agent took his junk of the pie.  Bastards those guys.  We fostered a wonderful little puppy named Aurora who drove our Husky, Kaia, bat shit crazy.  We found Aurora new family that loved her right away and Kaia was happy.  We packed up and moved in with my parents while our new house was being built.  We lived there for two months, for the first month my sister, her husband and 4 year old lived there with us.  In October we moved into our new home, my wife’s Hawaiian sister flew up to be a part of the move.  My wife joined EDRM this year and became a hit helping with webinars and  being featured on the EDRM website.  Her first work with EDRM was published this year and she spent the day we took possession at a law conference as part of a panel and as a speaker for a seminar there.  My second niece, Alice, was born on November 22, while I was out of town.  Baby squishy is as cute as they come and is lucky to have a wonderful loving four year old sister in Evelyn.  My in-laws came for Christmas and we hosted the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day celebrations with my family also attending.  The old people played the young people in the annual Christmas game and the young people knocked down the geriatric crowd.  I am a back to back champion.  Like Michael Jordan next year is all about the three peat.  I wrapped up the year in style attending 26 hockey games in 6 days at the Max Bell Arena.  That was 2014, at least off the top of my head.

What to look forward to for 2015?  Not really sure yet but some things seem to be on the horizon.  The wife will certainly continue to be a star in her chosen field.  So lots of time to brag about her success lays ahead.  We have been planning the trip to DC for the next step in our fertility treatment for a while and it looks like this will happen in the spring.  The biggest issue we have right now is the Canadian dollars slump is making this a progressively more expensive item. Could use a boost so everyone go drive endlessly and try to drive oil prices back up. The early spring will bring on a big decision for me as a hockey coach.  I have put in three hard years at the level I am currently at with the team I am with.  It is time to take a step forward and start a new challenge.  We have had discussions with our association regarding the challenge we are most interested in with them, hopefully they follow through on their end.  If not it will time for us to find out where that next step does occur.  I love my coaching work and am excited to see what the next chapter looks like. Beyond that I am not sure what is ahead.  Hopefully a year full of a lot of fun new experiences.  Also hoping for some extra time with my niece Evelyn.  We got her a walkie talkie for Christmas so we can chat across the pond to each other.  Will have to spend some time on that with her.  For five years I have had a wonderful time with my wife, and I look forward to another year of camping, laughing and generally enjoying all kinds of things with her as well.

Resolution time?  Come on, if you read this you know I am too crusty for this kind of shit.  Making a goal that I fully intend to violate almost immediately.  I believe heroin addicts have a higher success rate when they try to quit, than the average joe setting a stupid new years resolution.  So again I will turn my resolutions over to my wife, they will be something of the lines of me getting less fat and cutting down on soda consumption.  In all fairness I will have to start doing both of these without the resolution because I am getting to damn old to be this fat.  So my only resolution is to not have a resolution.

Hope everyone enjoyed their New Years, it is in fact the stupidest holiday of the year.  It is in fact the only stat on the calendar for you because you have a hangover.  This day signifies nothing but the fact that you need a day off with a hangover.  It is so your boss doesn’t start the new year like every other monday wondering why the fuck you even bother coming in that hungover.  And I really don’t get it.  There you were the night before, slurring your words with your friends or family waiting for some talking head to countdown from ten and you made resolutions.  Most of those resolutions were about making yourself better and improving things in your life.  Then you woke up New Years Day and you feel like a bigger bag of shit than you will all of the rest of the year.  Good start, real good start.  Not to mention I expect that at this point we should all have the fine motor skills to remove a book of numbers and pictures of scantly clad women from the wall and replace it with a new book of scantly clad women and numbers.  So what exactly are we supposed to be celebrating anyways.

Enjoy your new year everyone, I plan on being the same jackass I was 24 hours ago, only now my wife thinks I will be better!

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