Video Games Through My Eyes


I will admit two things right away.  1) I love video games, and spend way too much time on them.  2) I suck at video games and play them on easy mode.  As I type this my wife is playing SNES Mario Brothers on our Wii U game pad.  Only because she stole it from me first.  I love video games, and have played enough to feel like my opinion counts.

My first video game experience was on my grandfathers Intellivision when I was very young.  I really don’t remember the experience at all.  So my first memorable and formative video game time was spent on the NES.  I received my NES from my grandparents one Christmas, as did my cousins.  It was freaking awesome.  Many hours would be spent on that machine, and many spent with my Grandfather.  He always made time to play with us while he was babysitting.  Pretty cool deal for us.  I was a  duck hunt and Mario guy.  The other game I loved was Ice Hockey.  All our now on my Wii U for my enjoyment.

Since those early years of nerd initiation I have been through a lot of video game systems.  SNES, Sega Genesis, all the play stations through PS3 and Xbox products.  Currently I am enjoying an Xbox One and Wii U in our home.  Throw on the PC games and I feel like I have test run the group.  But I don’t speak from the world of gamer, I suck at every single one of these.  Mostly a single player and sports game guy, it is a grand achievement for me to complete 50% of a game.

However playing the old NES Mario Brothers on my Wii U, I noticed something.  Those games were freaking hard, like a pain in the ass hard.  Games are so much easier now.  I think we are actually seeing video games regress because the players need satisfaction.  I have completed a few games in the past few years but I still can’t complete Mario Brothers and on Mario Brothers 3 I spend hours on world 2 with that stupid flying sun on the quick sand level.  Absolutely pisses me off.  I can still remember secrets to Mario Brothers 3 and my wife to SNES Mario Brothers.  Can’t remember anything from GTA V (the last game I worked all the way through).  I have to say the originals are timeless classics and were awesome because of their difficulty.  Wonder if others feel the same?

3 thoughts on “Video Games Through My Eyes

  1. Prof.mcstevie

    There is also the wider variety of ways to teach without forcing a player through repetition of death. I died a lot in some old games, mostly because they aren’t teaching me anything other than “you died, don’t do that”.


      • Prof.mcstevie

        Don’t die is like saying don’t get hit, a vague goal that we understand yet divulges nothing.

        See that road right there little timmy? Don’t get hit.GO! GO GO GO GO GO!!!!!!


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