Hunger Games Mocking Jay Part 1


So my wife took me to see this new Hunger Games movie this weekend.  Nice night out, except for the fact my knee has been killing me and those theatre seats left me in a lot of pain.  Drank a huge soda and crushed some New York Fries and had a nice night.

I for the most part get this Hunger Games thing.  Fun movies with what seem to be likeable characters.  Wasn’t overly jazzed about the first one, second one I didn’t mind but enjoyed this third flick.  Will be happy to see the fourth.  There are a thousand reviews so go read that shit if you want a review of the movie, I just wanted to talk about the way they shoot Jennifer Lawrence in this movie.

I watched transformers, ok I watched the first 2 and then realized they were all like a Nickelback album, see one you get them all.  But what always threw me in those was the fact that Megan Fox could do all that action shit in a tight top, push up bra and very short shorts.  Look I get that you try and sell a sexy star but it seemed to me it would be easier to scurry away from a group of crazy alien machines, bent on your destruction, in a pair of nikes, sweat pants and sports bra.  But Megan Fox did her part to save the world one cleavage shot at a time.

However the Hunger Games goes in a much more character and personality driven direction.  Not that Jennifer Lawrence isn’t a beautiful woman, in fact I think she is more attractive than the aforementioned Megan Fox, just a preference thing.  But she isn’t dressed in a push up bra in this movie.  No she wears the incredibly dull jump suit in her area and clearly they aimed to not have her look like she was wearing make up.  It really helps enjoy the story when you aren’t spending have the movie trying to figure out how she ran away with her boobs giggling like that.  Was  fun action movie with a fun actress playing a role not bent on selling her breasts to us.

Look don’t get me wrong, I am a guy and I love a nice rack as much as the next guy.  But I have the internet and don’t need it to take away from a good story.  Well done Hunger Games well done.

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