Adrian Peterson is upset….BOO HOO


So a quick hitter that caught my eye.  Apparently Adrian Peterson is upset that his suspension was upheld.  What an asshole!

So Adrian Peterson was suspended from the NFL for violating its conduct policy.  No shit.  He gave his kid a good old beating with a “wood switch” and hurt the kid.  Hurt him enough that it was reported and he was arrested.  Hey spankings happen but this was pretty significant.  What is worse is this is the same guy who lost a son to abusive hands a year earlier.  But hey we all know the story right.

This man once heralded a hero for playing right after his sons death (if you ask me that makes him an asshole not a hero), then beat his own son and got mad when he was suspended by the NFL for the year.  In fact so made he thinks he is being “made an example of”.  Yeah you are being made an example of asshole, and example of the consequences for being a child abuser.  Sad part is the prick pled down so he wouldn’t have to do jail time.  If anyone should understand the potential results of child abuse it is this guy.  Shouldn’t he be an advocate for protecting children from abusers?

On top of it all apparently he has threatened to retire.  That is right he is so mad at not being allowed to play he is going to take his ball and go home.  Never play again.  That will show that stupid NFL.  Wait no it won’t.  You idiot, we all want you to go away.  Please retire and go flip burgers, wait, can’t flip burgers because even McDonald’s doesn’t want a child abuser on staff.  Congratulations on your induction into the Douche Bag Hall of Fame Adrian.  You and Ray Rice can sit beside each other. Yeah the Ray Rice you threw under the bus in your statement, you know the guy who you think did something so much worse than you.  From where I stand you two are exactly the same and deserve each other!

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