Torture…..err… Enhanced Interrogation Techniques?


Not to be that guy who gets back to his blog because there is a hot topic, but I am going to be that guy.  Mainly because I have had an interesting debate regarding the topic.  So many of us have heard about this report and browsed the media regarding it.  I am no different and have only done a small amount of research at best.  Opinions are like a**holes right.  I happen to have an opinion and be an a**hole.

I browsed through the media and listened a little to the CIA dude on the tube today and was surprised that not a lot more is out there regarding this little report.  Sure it has a bit of partisan politics to it, but hey that knife cuts both ways.  Partisan politics is the name of the game and we can throw that part of the argument out immediately.  It is boring.

What we shouldn’t over look is the decisions made by some people in the American government and Intelligence community to engage in some truly awful things.  I don’t know about you but I definitely do not want to be subjected to almost anything I read about.  And what is the argument for these torure…. oh shit there is that word again, I meant “Enhanced Interrogation Techinques”?  (I feel like George Carlin could have had a field day with that little piece of word play.)  They really badly needed the info from these dudes.  You know the ones they abducted, and if they were lucky got a seat or otherwise were tied to a plane like cargo, and then flew to quickly constructed torture chamb….. interrogation facilities.  Of course there isn’t really a tangible link between these “interrogations” and any stopping of plots against the west.

Don’t worry, I hear you weird redneck guy who is ok with torture. There hasn’t been an attack on US soil since this program was started, you say.  Yes you are correct, much like there hadn’t been one prior to that.  I mean unless you count Timothy McVeigh, but hey he was one of you.  Of course I never saw them round up stupid rednecks and torture them.  Ah well opportunity lost.

I understand there is a need to acquire info and try and learn about future threats.  By all means we should be doing that.  But has the intelligence community gotten so lazy they can’t even be bothered to do any good old fashion espionage.  What happened to turning informants and finding people who will give you the information without being locked inside of a coffin for over 200 hours?  I get that these are time consuming.  But is it not a statement to the CIA’s competence that they had no developed assets that could report this info without torture?  I think it is pretty clear these guys were failing and they figured why let a little issue like a constitution or international law fuck with results.  So away they went engaging in stress positions (another one for Carlin), Sleep deprivation, Physical abuse and Waterboarding.  They literally were so out of ideas for investigating and acquiring info they felt the needed to make a guy feel like he was going to drown so he would talk.  A technique that has been known to lead to physical damage, psychological damage and brain damage.  If you are going to fuck him up to the point he can’t give you info why not just execute him where your first found him?  We haven’t even discussed the forced feedings.  Doesn’t sound so bad (hey I am a fat guy, being tortured by food is in my top 5 ways to die).  Oh what’s that you say?  You mean the forced feedings were rectal.  Yeah that is in my bottom 1 ways to be fed.  Essentially the idea is you ram a tube up a dude’s ass and turn on the IV and let him absorb his nourishment that way.  Of course when you run out of old IV drips you just puree up his last meal and send it in that way too.  Sounds pretty damn terrible.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not on the terrorists side here.  In fact I don’t have a problem with rounding up terrorists and putting them all in a prisoner camp.  Not an issue, let them rot, if they want to talk then they can get some extra yard time.  But torture isn’t right.  It is never right to torture another person, regardless of how much you hate them.  The fact they got little to no info from this program and a ton of false leads makes it even less useful.  If you have to go fight a war then go fight, but why torture people.  If someone would rather die then spend time with you (yeah I am talking to you CIA torturers) then maybe just let the poor bastard die.  One dude was strapped to a wall naked, he died of hypothermia.  You know what the other detainees thought of that guy?  “Lucky fuck, he gets to die and I have to get tortured more.”

In all seriousness though we can’t have it both ways.  We can’t abandon what we value in order to protect what we value.  We can’t condemn the beheaders and awful terrorists if we turn around and do things on par with them.  I don’t see myself able to condone torture in any way.  If the shoe were on the other foot we would be crying foul.  But so many people are ok with the actions of the American government because of some perceived value.  Let’s not kid ourselves, the things done by the CIA are awful and people should be prosecuted for condoning these acts.  Sure the detainees were for the most part very bad dudes. Deserving of a less than free and enjoyable life, they were fucked up and would do the same to us.  But that isn’t a justification.  If you say someone is awful and terrible and a sociopath, you shouldn’t aspire to treat that person the very way you fear they will treat you.  The CIA personnel carrying out these tortures are no less sociopathic.  How could you do those things to a human and be ok with it?  It isn’t about those being tortured who were awful people.  I don’t really sympathize with them.  It is about the ones who weren’t terrorists but had a connection or were just tied to the wrong family.   And more importantly it is about the way of life I value.  I love the west, I love Canada and I love the Excited States of America.  They are wonderful countries with so much going for them.  We have freedom and opportunity.  Our lives are our own and we get to enjoy so much because of that.  We are allowed to be who we are or want to be.  But if we turn our backs on other people at some point we stop being that.  At some point we have to look in the mirror and realize that Dexter wasn’t good because he was killing bad people (of course I figured that out by episode 5 and didn’t continue to watch the show, so maybe a bad analogy.  You can’t be both the fighters for freedom and the people who toss out human rights whenever it suits you.

I do agree with the statement some have made, that if no one faces prosecution for this awful program, we will see it rear its ugly head again.

If you were at all offended by this post, I am happy you took the time to read it.  I don’t really care that you were offended.

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