Orange is the New Black adding Alison Redford?


In Alberta we knew we had a crappy Premier.  We knew she had spent a lot of time lying and cheating.  We quickly tired of her sense of entitlement, and bitchy attitude.  So she resigned.  And many thought the worst was over.  But alas, we are not so lucky.  The bitch is back with a whole new set of scandalous issues!

The auditor general released a report about Ali’s travel plans in the past.  Now we know she had pissed away $45,000 of our money, so she could go to Mandela’s funeral.  Why?  She was obviously related to him right?  No she just had an autographed picture in her bedroom.  Nothing special, just wasted money.  Of course she promised to pay that back, but it appears she only did that to try and cover other issues.

Of course there is the moment we discovered that she was using tax dollars to develop a premier penthouse.  And why shouldn’t I pay for a fancy loft for her and her daughter.  Obviously it was on the level, which is why she hid it from public review.

You would think, that is enough pissing away of money from an elected official right?  But it isn’t the new information just continues to add to Big Bad Red’s legacy.  The problem is, when this Red gets to jail she won’t be smuggling in contraband.  Actually scratch that, she is way more connected than the Orange is the New Black character.  The auditor general informed us today of the latest info.  While she was Premier, Alison thought she had it figured.  Have to go away for work, hey why not bring your daughter on the plane, at the expense of the tax payer of course?  I mean it makes total sense why she wouldn’t foot the bill, after all I elected her and her daughter.

And we all know when we fly we hate sitting beside others right?  Of course we do.  Ever got beside that stranger who naps on your shoulder? Or the ass hat who kicks your seat the whole flight?  The prick with an e-cigarette is a real pain too.  Our girl A.R. has this one figured out too.  Not wanting to sit on a plane with anyone but her daughter and staffers, she set out to find a way around this.  It was so pesky that she had to share these government planes with other government officials.  She thought of many ways, drive to appointments.  No this would take too long.  Travel on non travel days when flights weren’t busy.  No way, that would just be a pain in the ass.  Wait I got it, I got it, book the plane out with all your government pals names, the pals who aren’t going on the trip.  Ok now the plane is full.  But wait, none of these government workers are going on the flight.  What a conundrum we have stumbled upon.  No Problem says Red Dog, she has it figured out.  She will just cancel them at the last minute, now the plane manifest doesn’t show missing passengers and hey everyone already made their flight plans, so no one is coming on your private government jet.

I have heard of things like this before.  Usually the word fraud and scam go in the same sentence.  So my question is, when do the RCMP start to investigating this criminal?  When do we fit Alison Redford for her orange jump suit?  When does she answer for her mismanagement of my funds?  And when does she start paying back all the money she wasted and stole from the public. I say this woman is a thief and I would say many would agree.

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