Conservative Vs. Liberals? They Both Suck


I often find myself wondering why people insist on defining themselves so rigidly.  People are tied to there views, but are they really even their views?

In Canada we are lucky enough to have it idiot proof, we literally have a Liberal and Conservative party.  Of course our multi party system offers us a variety of right wing and left wing political options.  Not to mention the difference between the national and provincial governments of the same name.  In the united states they call themselves Republicans and Democrats.  If you need me to define this any further, well you probably can stop reading.

Here is my question, why do people insist on defining themselves in line with these parties and wings of government.  It is insane.  Conservatives so vehemently against all things liberal and the liberals against all things conservative.  Rational thought involved?  Absolutely not.  Even at that I don’t think people even decide what they are for themselves.  I think way too many people inherit there political views.  Indoctrination coming from a “politically active” parent.

In both countries we see a huge difference in these two parties.  The conservatives are getting less progressive and more traditionalist.  Because the idea of progress is obviously repulsive?  See the tea party movement, or redneck Alberta.  On the other side the liberals get more vague in policy and the policy they do have moves further to socialism.  Cradle to grave kind of stuff.  Obviously I didn’t want the money I make, please take it in taxes.

In the USA the conservatives have always been much more conservative than in Canada.  Dumb rednecks like George W. Bush are hailed as good leaders.  Absolutely laughable.  The guy had a good moment, post tragedy.  Besides that he proved to be little more than a nincompoop.  But he started the movement even further right.  In a party where Michelle Bachmann is allowed to spew bs about her religion, and get support, I have to wonder where they are going.  They move further towards crazy religious cooks every day.

But the liberals aren’t any better.  No the hailed saviour is none other than Barack Obama.  Also the president considered the worst since WWII in a recent pole.  What has he done to make the United States better.  Well actually nothing.  He has forced Obamacare, a move towards the Canadian system.  If you are wondering how the Canadian system works, here is your answer.  IT DOESN’T!  I mean unless you like the idea of months on months of wait times and poorly managed budgets.  Budgets that see our tax payer dollars go into endless pits.  And stupid Canadians saying “well at least our health care is free.”  *face palm*.  But I get away from the point.  Obama pitched change, and other crap, he did none of it.  So what is his true claim, his skin is a different colour.  How sad of a statement is that.  The USA is excited because his skin is a different colour than the standard white.  That really shouldn’t have been an issue at this point.

In Canada our Conservative government truly dreams of a a more conservative nation.  They have done a lot of good to be honest.  But Canada had been led by Liberals for so long a change was needed.  But the Conservative government has also planned senate reform and less patronage, but we still see tons of it.  See Mike Duffy and his latest legal issues, oops Mike.  Their grasp on power is so tenuous they haven’t really pushed a conservative agenda outside of fiscal policy.  Getting into social politics would kill them instantly. Right now federally they are the option.  In our province the Conservatives have pissed away money like it is going out of style, botched a leadership change and offered absolutely nothing since Ralph Klein left.  Happy he balanced the budget they tried not to rock the boat.  Fortunately even their terrible mismanagement over the past 8 years is protected by the fact that most Albertans are too lazy and stupid to educate themselves.  They just vote the PC guy in, over and over.  Time for a change was the call last election.  But the PC won with a near record number.

The liberal leading party is the Liberals.  They are a party that has recently selected a new leader. They have slipped so far they had to go and get Justin Trudeau to lead.  This wonderful camp councillor is the son of a former Prime Minister.  One who is beloved in some areas and hated in Alberta.  Regardless of his father’s record, Justin is an absolute moron.  The idea of him leading this nation is embarrassing, and that is complimentary.  This dumbass has offered as vague platitudes and then slung mud at the conservatives. He can’t wait to spend my money.  We have a provincial liberal party, but it was more likely to see Joseph Stalin lose an election than the PC party in Alberta.  Way more likely.

Here is the thing both ends have good, only a little good but a little good.  And both parties have a ton of steaming piles of shit!  The conservatives have the worst social agenda in the world.  I don’t want to pay for a program so everyone can be supported cradle to grave.  But I also don’t think they need to be heard ever on gay rights or abortion issues.  See here is the thing, their legislating what people do in their homes and with their bodies, is something they need to get over.  If you think it is ok to think gay people deserve less than you, go find a bridge and jump, just make sure it is high and rocky at the bottom.  You have no say on anyone else’s life.  I don’t believe in Canadian health care, but I also think there is something better than what both Canada or the USA have to offer.  The problem is we think it is one or the other, why does it have to be that way?  Because politicians are too stupid to problem solve.  So conservatives want to move totally to the American standard, strictly user pay.  I do think they have a hard line on crime, I can get on side with that.

Fiscally I am a full on conservative.  I like the idea of less taxes.  If I have more money in my pockets, I spend more money in our economy.  See how that works, then I decide where my dollars go and help support people.  The problem is, when we poor tons of tax dollars in, most of it is wasted in bureaucracy.  By the time it gets to a social program there isn’t much left.  Government agencies are like children.  They think the money tap is endless, they always can go to Daddy for more when they run out of money.  If they were held more accountable and not permitted as much money, they would waste less.  It is that capitalism thing the talked about in school.  Would be cool to see that return.  People leaning further liberal  are more into us supporting others through government.  There is always more to squeeze out of people.  Especially the wealthy.  I have a secret for you, the wealthy people work hard, stop whining.  I am not wealthy, why?  Because I don’t work as hard as others.  We always want to punish people for success, envy is an awesome political motivator.  And lately the liberals have been all over this “helping the middle class” bullshit.  What the hell is the middle class?  Please give a definition of the group you are talking about.  My family might think we are middle class only to find out you want to stab us in the back and take our money.  It is useless platitudes.  The left wing has no need to balance budgets, so we pay out tons of money in interest payments.  I heard that was working well in places like Greece.  Are they still a country?

The liberal side of the spectrum does have a lot of good social policy.  They spend a lot less time hating humans.  That is cool, they really don’t feel the need to be in everyones bedroom.  Also they tend to believe in a separation between church and state.  Something happening less and less with conservatives.  We live in countries that have a lot of different views.  Lots of people don’t have an imaginary sky friend, and then there are a whole bunch of people with this gods.  The problem is they can’t even agree on which god is right.  What they can agree on is their god wants them to stomp on everyone else’s beliefs.  Keep your religion at home were it belongs, you know like my sexual preference.

So I realize I don’t fit a single party.  In fact I have voted at every election I was eligible for.  But I also have spoiled my ballots more than once.  The political landscape so screwed up, I couldn’t in good conscience pick anyone.  That is a sad state.  I have found myself totally disenfranchised.  I will likely vote conservative in a year when we have a federal election.  Why?  Because Justin Trudeau is a child with no idea what he is doing.  The Liberals are actually counting on people not looking into his policy and just reading his name.  Man that is a terrible political platform.  But I worry, the conservatives have had a very shaky hold on leadership.  It keeps them from pushing controversial values.  But the Conservative supporters are getting more right wing, and are demanding their own tea party style movement.  I don’t want them to get comfortable and feel it is ok to start pushing those political views.  Provincially I hope something will change in the couple of years prior to something I can vote for.  I won’t vote for a PC party that has shown a huge entitlement issue.  I may vote conservative in the form of Wild Rose or I may feel the need to spoil my ballot.

My question is, how many people are really thinking before they vote?  And why are we supporting politicians who do nothing?

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