David Suzuki Annoys the Heck Out of Me!!!


Full disclosure, I am not a tree hugger, and I live in a province that is rich because of oil.  I am also not stupid, I drive into our city and can see the haze of pollution.  I get that there is a legitimate side to the environmentalist movement.  I also support the idea of alternative energy.  It is a great idea.  But this David Suzuki schmuck, can’t support him.  Here is why:

David Suzuki is Canada’s Al Gore, actually the inconvenient truth is Al Gore stole Suzuki’s racket in the states.  These guys live on your dollar to support their foundations.  David Suzuki has you support his foundation, but where has that money gone to?  Has he forwarded any new technology that can legitimately clean the environment or be offered as alternative fuel?  No he is not an inventor.  So you wonder, does he run a group out there, his boots in the shit, cleaning up landfills.  Sadly this is not David’s gig.  No David runs around our nation wagging his finger at as, like some annoying parent.  Remember when Dad said “you aren’t allowed to smoke.” with a cigarette in his fingers?  Yeah that is David and his gig.  See David has this new idea, the blue dot tour, (I would provide a link but I would rather you went spent your money and time finding actual solutions)  and this tour is a really simple idea.  See he is going to fly around the world with his rock star buddies (see Neil Young) and raise support for his new campaign.  A codified law in Canada that promises the government will provide clean water and air to breathe.  And I for one am very thankful that he is polluting our air with private planes and buses to bring this to us.  See here I am worried every time I flip on the tap all I will get is dirty water.  I have a concern the city will just up and turn of the water treatment facility.  So go buy tickets to his concert and donate right!

From his website:

“By joining our community of donors, you help build an enduring legacy of ordinary people taking extraordinary action to protect our right to a healthy environment.”

What the hell does that mean?  Where is the money going to Dave?  The entire site is written is similar riddles.  See there is no plan on David’s part.  Well I lie, not one to do anything for the environment, I am sure he plans to enjoy the money you send him.  After all he doesn’t have a real job.  So basically he is a busker, but he can’t play an instrument, no he is just playing you.

I watched this Stephen Hawking special on TV.  On it there were guys who had found a way to transfer the energy from people walking, to storable and usable power.  Now it wasn’t enough to make a real dent in the power demands of a nation, it was however a good step.  Can they find a way to amplify the energy to make it more effective?  I don’t know but I will tell you this much, there is where your environmentalist money should go.  Support guys with ideas like that, not crazy old guys who have produced nothing but bullshit platitudes for decades!

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