A mostly Ignorant Rant on Israel and Palestine


I know, I know, this is kind of low hanging blog fruit.  But I figure why not share an opinion.  This is a very uneducated opinion on the situation.  It is hard to ignore it with the media coverage there is.   So here goes my crusty and ignorant thoughts on this flare up.

Again, I say that I really haven’t taken the time to educate myself or tried to figure this whole thing out.  That being said if anyone could figure it out, maybe we could resolve the constant flare ups.

Here and there these two groups take the chance to shoot at each other.  I am purposefully staying away from the word nations, seems to me that is a matter of perspective.  The way I see it everyone thinks they have a legitimate beef on this.  And what better way to solve a beef, than killing each other.  In the past these mass killings haven’t really resolved anything.  So another flare up comes and the world stands by passing judgement.

There is the belief that the Israelis and Jewish people deserve this homeland that was set aside for them.  That is one side, on the other side there are a bunch of people that feel they also have a claim to land given to the Israelis.  It seems to me like a bad roommate situation.  You know that asshole who moved in with you in University, and then proceeded to eat your groceries.  The problem is, we aren’t really all that sure who the groceries rightfully belong to.

So here we sit making our judgements.  The clam being, the Jewish people were exiled from their land by the Romans a couple of millennia ago.  And after all they are the people of god and belong in gods chosen land, or something like that right?  Tough to corroborate that story on two ends.  First off that is a really long time ago, based on that don’t we owe a shit ton of land to the ethnic descendants of Gengis Khan and the Visigoths?  Not to mention how bad the Mayan’s got screwed. Seems like we are being a little choosy as to who gets a homeland given to them.  Second who the hell knows what god wants, if there is a god.  The word of “god” so misused in our history, I am thinking he didn’t say any of this crap anyways.  So we have to pretty tough issues on the Israeli side.

On the other side is a group, a little more recently dispossessed of their lands.  Seems in the 7th century that the Arabs conquered and took over the land. Was great for about 1300 years, until the western world felt pressure to make change.  So here was the UN (would a lovely organization they are) partitioning up a nation that wasn’t theirs to break up anyways.  This led to a lot of fighting.  However that was almost 70 years ago. Can we stop killing over this land, no one has gained any ground on this.  There must be a better way.  While I understand they are pissed, and probably rightfully so, they are also a little out gunned.  Maybe a little compromise from the position of lesser strength could help forward a mutually reasonable solution.  A sort of lose-lose pact.  No one ends up happy but they all get a little something.

Here is my thing.  We in the western world have decided to take up sides, a rooting interest.  But it is not the world cup or a baseball game.  So why are we sitting her taking sides.  I realize the western nations started down that road, supporting Israel, cause they kind of put those people in the cross hairs.  But can we maybe stop supplying either side with arms going forward. The issues that are there seem beyond solvable by outsiders.  I wonder if they are solvable at all.  So here is the deal, nobody gets weapons anymore.  When they both run out of bullets, they are shit out of luck.  Maybe if they had to conserve some freaking artillery, they wouldn’t be so excited to fire bombs at each others schools, hospitals and buses.  And lets be honest, both sides are doing terrible things to each other.

Also maybe Israel could take a lesson in propaganda.  Seems to me they aren’t garnering any support when they announce the casualties like a scoreboard.  “No dead Israeli’s to this point but 248 casualties on the Palestinian side.”  Couldn’t you at least lie to the rest of us. Pretend like you are taking losses and there is a viable threat?  It just looks like a mass killing otherwise.

So here is my proposal.  The western world buts out.  The right wing supporters stop propping up Israel as this poor victim, having lost their homeland and now needing to fight to for it.  And the left wing maybe could bite their tongue about the poor victims of palestine, displaced and only fighting against western tyranny.  You live in the western world, it doesn’t help you to cut the legs out from the west.  Both sides are absolute terrorists.  They both kill women and children and bomb soft targets.  They don’t care they just want to kill as many of the other side as possible.  I know, I know but he Palestinians use women and children as shields.  Because the placement of these women and children has stopped the Israeli bombs?  No.  No one understands the vastness of this issue, and taking sides only perpetuates the fighting.  And adds us into it. In the most honest way I can, I don’t care anymore, I am tired of caring about two groups of people who want to kill each other on and off for decades.  I am tired of two groups arguing over the right to mythical lands of their gods.  What an asinine reason to kill another person.  An entity who may be real, or probably isn’t. may have wanted our people to live here but we can’t ask him.

Best of luck to these two groups of people in the future.  If you want to keep killing each other, fine.  But if you want to set down your guns and figure out a real solution, than you can call us for help.  Till then we should just shut these people out!

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