Religious Rights Out of Control!


Stumbled upon this article today on atheism resource.  It left me wondering why our society is headed in this direction?  What is going on in our world?  Why are we regressing and becoming more judgemental?

For a long time I have had the live and let live mentality.   But in the last little bit, discrimination has become cool again.  We have let religion run rough shod over our politics.  We have allowed people to use religion to protect their discriminatory acts.  It isn’t a matter of their freedom of religion; no it is their willingness to hate other people.  It is them using religion as a cover to judge others.  Regardless of your beliefs, other people’s life decisions are not any of your business.  Hobby Lobby has been able to legitimize religion as an over-arching system to take away other people’s rights.  The right to choose your own health care was violated.  Their beliefs are theirs and they don’t have to use certain types of birth control, but that does not entitle them to making decisions for others.  However some judge supported their view that they could dictate health care to others.  Total regression in the western world.

Then this college passes judgement on the LGBT.  They are welcome to be christian but they are not welcome to judge others in that light.  They don’t have to be supportive but they do have to keep their mouths shut.  Employment discrimination based on sexual preference or gender identity decisions is not a right of religion.  The problem is they think their freedom of religion is being breached but it isn’t.  They are unaffected by other people’s choices.  If the LGBT community is allowed to exist, their church is not closed, their religion isn’t damaged.  However if they carry on this road, more and more will continue to actively want to see religion damaged.  Reciprocity is the only outcome that is likely.  The choices of their employees and students do not change how they are able to run their school.

Next time you are sitting there thinking someone else’s decisions change your life, thing longer.  You will realize, unless their decision is to murder you, assault you or burn your house down (all things we have laws for), it doesn’t change your life.  Go to church on sunday if you want, none of them are being closed, but don’t pass judgement on others.  Of course I think acceptance and loving others is something most bible thumpers, conveniently have left behind.

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