Why My Dogs Are Better Than People!


When I ask people about a word to describe me, including my loved ones, usually the answer I get is abrasive.  Maybe not the most friendly description, I am a little rough with people I guess.  However I do have friends who are awesome to spend time with.  They are my pets.  Our family is lucky to have a five year old soccer ball dog (we don’t really treat her as a soccer ball), a four and a half year old husky – german shepherd cross, and a five year old grey cat with a compulsive eating disorder.  I wasn’t a dog person prior to to these two entering my life.  Now I realize I just wasn’t ready for a dog as a kid but not enjoy the companionship.

I have realized that my dogs are better than pretty much every human I know.  I like them more than almost every human I have met.  Here is the reasons why.

1. Unconditional Love

My dogs are always there to love me.  I come home and they are so excited to see me.  They can’t get enough cuddling and love.  They love me no matter what I do.  There are always conditions on the love of other people.  And people fall out of love all the time, just because it suits them.

2. They Are Always Excited About What They Like!

It doesn’t matter how many days in a row we invite them into our bed for the night, they are always excited to be there.  If I say park right now my dog will jump up excited to go.  She will race to the door and wait for me.  We could have just got back from the park, but she is ready to go.  (I say she cause only Kaia really understands words that well).  It is awesome, they love to go on car rides, so when I open the back of the car they get very excited.  People get bored of things quickly, they don’t appreciate the stuff they enjoy.

3. Dogs Learn Fast

Our dogs have learned many of their “tricks” in the course of an evening.  Crate training them took a couple of days.  The small dog didn’t like going potty outside, mainly cause the winter is too cold for it.  The big dog learned that right away and then taught the little dog.  Once they have learned something, as long as we are consistent, they keep it.  I have been coaching kids in sports for a long time, they don’t learn as fast, it takes months to get them to do things right.  I have co-workers who haven’t learned how to do certain parts of their jobs over the course of many years.

4. They Help Us Get Exercise

Taking the dogs to the park for a walk is a great way to go for a walk myself.  While I am not fond of exercise, taking the dogs out is awesome!

5. They Make Me Look Better

When I take the dogs to the park on my own, the pretty girls talk to me.  Not a huge deal but I should have got some dogs when I was single.  I am not the prettiest guy, but my dogs really help cover that up.  As long as you are looking at the dog you can’t see my face.

6. They Make Me Nicer

While at the dog park I am less abrasive.  I don’t mind interacting with people about all kinds of things.  I am not great at small talk but I am friendly because the dogs bridge the gaps.

7.  They Are Who They Are

The dogs have tons of personality.  Our little one is a cliche cheerleader.  She is always airy and outgoing but doesn’t really do the smart dog thing.  In fact she acts real dumb.  The big dog, she is stubborn and demanding.  She is smart and knows how to force others to cuddle her.  She can spot a potential victim of endless pets at the park from a long ways away.  They never stray from their personalities or pretend they are anyone but who they are.   People are chameleons and often change who they are to fit the situation.

8. They Are Our Family

While I realize not everyone gets it, our dogs are our kids.  I talk to them and share my thoughts with them.  I cuddle them when I am down and they are always there for me.  Tiana’s family is a flight away.  We haven’t spent Christmas there in the past four Christmases.  One of the biggest reasons it is tough to do that is because of our dogs. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without Kaia and Bella, they probably will get the best present hauls this year.  While Tiana and I haven’t been successful in having kids, up to this point, our fur babies make great kids.  Our camping trips are family trips, and without our two dogs they wouldn’t be.  When I am away from them I miss them.  I am sad we can’t take them everywhere out of town.

One thought on “Why My Dogs Are Better Than People!

  1. I’m not a big pet person. I think they have their places and uses, etc but I still consider them pets.

    As far as being better than people; we’ll have to disagree. Pets, of any type, can’t hold you accountable for the behavior you say you want to practice.

    Pets can not give you advice on how to handle problems,
    Pets can buy you a meal when you are down on your luck, a ride when your car is broken.

    Yes, people will let us down…….but I think back to how many times I let others down and hope that still think I’m better than a pet.

    Bob S.


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