This Is a More Mature Lebron?


Alright, I am a hockey and lacrosse guy.  Basketball is so boring.  Last tall guy to touch the ball wins.  It is a sport that is all about individuals and how they can impact a game.  Sure Jordan needed Pippen and Longley but lets be honest, Bulls weren’t there without Jordan.

So this Lebron James guy, I really don’t get him and his narcissism.  Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to believe in the guy.  I wanted to think he got a bad rap on bad advice when he left Cleveland.  That ego driven TV special was awful.  Poor choice but I thought no big deal.  But then he let this free agency decision is released in this crazy ego driven article.  Everyone says how much he has grown but really it is a guy who just talks about himself a lot and how much he means to the team, the city and the other players.  Instead of promises of multiple championships, like he did in Miami, he instead says his team is nowhere near ready.  But it is ok he will teach them how to play right?  I imagine Kyrie Irving was super excited to hear Lebron would help him become the best PG in the league.  I mean Lebron has been a great point guard ,right?  I really do want to like this guy but his ego is just too big of an issue.

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