Netflix is Awesome and CBC sucks!


So our favourite, publicly funded, television and radio company has whined again.  This time about a company that offers great entertainment for a low price.  This is the war between CBC in Netflix.  The Huff post reported CBC was going after Netflix.

For those of you fortunate enough to not have to fund a public televisions station, I will let you in on what you are missing.  The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is our lovely government funded entertainment.  Along with this shit hole of wasted money, we have the CRTC.  This group sets the standards for Canadian content on television stations.  While CRTC isn’t directly connected to CBC it does oversee the CBC private competitors, you can see how they may have gone on a few dates.  Long ago, the powers that be realized that Canadian content just could not compete with the entertainment American companies put out.  Worried about Canadian artists having to compete in free market, our government stomped it out.  The CRTC dictates how much Canadian programming must be shown by a station before it can be on Canadian cable.  This has left Canada woefully underserved pretty often.

CBC loves the CRTC because it allows them to run terrible Canadian content with terrible acting.  They can do this because they know their competitors have to run a bunch of unwatchable crap as well.  However the CBC still puts on way more crap, like everything they have and cannot compete.  In most environments, this business model would be abandoned a left for dead.  But every year our taxes prop up this terrible station.  The radio is even worse than the television, and I say this as someone who paid some tuition from a CBC Radio Cheque.  They only product they had that was making money was Hockey Night in Canada.  Once a week for 6 hours they had something people actually wanted to watch.  Forget that, they lost that property to a private company, as should have happened years ago.  Fortunately the private company will continue to air games on Saturday on CBC, for what reason I am not sure.

So now you have the lay of the land.  Netflix offers Canadian’s a very well priced form of entertainment.  Seeing people continuing to not watch CBC and turn to their computers, apple TVs, XBOXs, PS4s, (you get the point) for their entertainment means we don’t have to watch CBC.  Funny I don’t hear the private television companies complaining.  So now the CBC is going to do what it knows best.  Bitch and moan until everything costs me more money.  The CBC will continue to waste my tax dollars and now netflix is going to have to charge me more because they are busy funding terrible TV shows made in Canada about towns in the Norhtwest Territories.  Basically we are funding a bunch of people in the entertainment industry with tax dollars and contributions from successful television companies, so these people never have to realize their product is failing in the market place.  I can only hope the government tells CBC to stick it and stop whining.

I think you would fin,  in a poll of Canadian’s, we all feel the CBC and CRTC are a joke and we are fine with Netflix not funding other people’s poor quality work.

2 thoughts on “Netflix is Awesome and CBC sucks!

  1. Luckily in America we have less governmental interference with our television/media choices. Still some but doesn’t appear to be nearly as much as you suffer.

    I think it is a trend in most companies to move toward “on demand” media services instead of maintaining traditional stations; especially ones that don’t respond to viewer preferences.

    Rant on and keep up the pressure on them.

    Bob S.


    • I tend to agree the trend has moved away from cable. Especially in Canada where there are rules regarding our viewing and content. We rarely use our cable anymore. I tape discovery channel and nat geo. Err…. I mean PVR, terminology era error.


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