Have you cut the cord? Is cable a thing of the past?


How do you spend your home entertainment dollar?  Have you recently filed for divorce with your cable company?

I wonder what the future holds for cable providers.  Our family has cable still, but often I have considered cancelling it.  A couple years ago we cancelled our home phone service.  I didn’t even know our home phone number at the time.  Cable is looking to go the same route.  I often wonder what keeps us hooked to cable.  We have a few shows we really like to watch, but the truth is we have to pay for premium channels to get those.  Our cable bill, prior to movie rentals, costs us more than $70/month.  I PVR the education channels and watch some sports, although not much.  That is it.  We usually aren’t home for our favourite shows, so we PVR them too during their seasons.  But we could easily use iTunes or another on demand service to download the 4 or so episodes a month and get a far better deal.  We are truly talking about maybe five tv shows we really like.  I wonder if this will be our last contract with a cable provider, and I am pretty sure I know the answer to that is yes.

Tell me have you cut the cable cord?   How has it been, do you miss it?  If you haven’t, do you think you will?  Does anyone think cable has a future if it doesn’t go to an on demand style of presentation?

PS – Thanks to 3boxesofbs for getting me thinking of this with a comment to one of my other posts!

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