The Story of My Wife! Part 3 – Ever After, So Far


Shocked so many are enjoying our story.  Appreciate the readership and likes.  Have enjoyed telling my story.  However the evening draws to a close, and I have only to fill in the time since Jan. 10 2010.  I would like to say it was all roses and happiness but our life has had some bumps.  I also need to remind you, in the first part I do annoy this woman every day.

Shortly after we got engaged, our little early family was struck with loss.  Tiana had a wonderful black cat, of three years old.  Kweli was an awesome cat with a ton of personality.  He had been through some tough times with Tiana and meant the world to her.  He had kidney disease, undiagnosed early in life, and he passed away.  We both cried but Tiana was heartbroken.  Even our little dog Bella was obviously missing his feline friend.  This eventually led to us adding our big dog Kaia to the family and our cat Mason.

We spent a lot of time determining a place to get married.  We were down between Kamloops and Hawaii.  Kamloops is where Tiana grew up, and it worked well for her family.  However there was another very important family to consider.  Tiana has a family in Hawaii, a family that unofficially adopted her during a tough time in her life.  Uncle Aaron is one of the most important men in our life.  Certainly a great man who means the world to Tiana.  He has been there for her every year in Hawaii, her safe place.  It wasn’t likely that Uncle Aaron and his daughter Ata could make it to Kamloops.  It was going to be tough for our families to afford Hawaii as well.

The year before the wedding we spent late May in Hawaii.  It was my first trip.  We were there for Ata’s grad.  Very exciting.  I got to meet an amazing group of Polynesian people, each one enjoyed having Tiana as part of their extended family.  Uncle So’o was one of the people I got to meet.  He was happy to offer his property for our wedding.  By the time we left Hawaii it was set, we would get married the following year at Uncle So’o’s.

Our Wedding was special to me, I don’t think it was a traditional long wedding but I loved every minute.  We had a nice ceremony at Uncle So’o’s house, then we toured the North Shore of Oahu for some pictures.  The best was when the conservation officer removed some rope around a Turtle on Turtle Beach and allowed Tiana to have a beautiful picture in her wedding dress beside a turtle.  Tiana truly loves these majestic animals, it was cool.  Following pictures was a Hawaiian cook out dinner, including pork and chicken.  It was awesome.  Uncle So’o performed for people during the day, he is a great performer.  Uncle Aaron played the background, missing more than I would like but helping out as he always does.  A few years later I had the opportunity to help with Uncle Aaron cooking for Ata’s wedding.  Probably the coolest experience of my life, and sweatiest.  Tiana’s Dad gave an incredible and emotional speech.  It was really awesome.  We didn’t spend a lot of time at dinner and dance, we were tired.  It was a great day.

But not everything had been easy leading up to that amazing day.  Prior to the wedding we had decided that we were prepared to have a family.  If children came before the wedding we were totally fine with that.  In fact we hoped for it.  However, we would be disappointed month after month.  This lead to us pushing to see a doctor and get a diagnosis of decreased ovarian reserve.  It was not great and meant having children would be difficult.  Our doctor didn’t give us the greatest hope explaining things would be very tough.  We started into early treatment and dealt with the pain of disappointment over and over again.  It is something we are still working with to this day.  A family is important to us, and telling us it would be tough to have children was awful.  It is through pain though that we discovered our closeness.  We cried together but we grew closer.  It is tough, there is a lot of anger and pain but we were there for each other.  Having a best friend for a spouse is awesome, even if you have to find it out the hard way.

I love the relationship I have with this wonderful woman.  It includes our enjoyment of some good TV, some trips camping in Montana, coaching hockey together and supporting our hockey with separate teams, and spending time with our furry little family.  My wife is my best friend and she makes every day enjoyable.  We were inseparable when we met and after almost five years we spend all of our time together.  We enjoy each others interests and share a great bond.  I enjoy watching my wife succeed, which she does greatly at work and personally.  This year we bought our first house together.  It is exciting to take another step in our lives in that house, hopefully the new house will also bring us the family we dream of every day.

Thanks again for reading my anniversary sappy posts, I will be back to my cantankerous old self with my next post.

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