The Story of My Wife! – Part 2 Rejection Sort Of


Had to break this up into parts for two reasons.  Reason one, it seemed to be getting long and I wanted it to be reasonably consumable.  Makes reading easier.  Reason 2, I can blog more and make myself look extra productive!

I left you with my realization I had started to fall for the women of my dreams.  So it seems like its time to tell you the seamless manner in which I swept her off her feet, and had her in love with me with my amazing charm.  Seems like that would be a lie though.

After the string cutting incident, I started to pursue Tiana a little more.  I am not sure that I was even actively aware I was trying to pursue her.  I just spent a lot of time talking to her and found myself excited to share things with her.  A few days after Tiana cut the string from my suit, the hockey program fired the head coach and told me I was being thrust the position.  Of course it meant meetings with the staff.  After a meeting I found myself watching the AAA game with Tiana.  We got to talking about a movie and said we both wanted to see a specific movie.  Seemed a good time to offer to take her.  You might be excited to find our first date was spontaneous, sadly it isn’t, Tiana told me it was much to late and she couldn’t go.  However a few days later it was time to go to a movie.

We decided to meet for evening at the cinema.  We picked the romantic flick, Law Abiding Citizen.  A lot of people would die in this movie.  Of course, this wasn’t even a date, I just told her I wanted to hang out.  Silly girl should have realized what was happening.  We picked an early evening movie.  I picked up Tiana and she asked if we could stop by her office and complete some work.  Just a couple of minutes she said.  five years later I ask her if she means a couple of minutes BDP time or real time.  Because in BDP time, when she said a couple of minutes, it meant 3 hours.  We ended up grabbing a quick bite and late show.  But hey in my books this was our first date.  I do believe taking any woman to a Gerard Butler movie qualifies as a date.

A few days later was our teams silent auction.  Some work issues arose that meant I had to spend some time discussing an on site incident with OHS.  I would have to return the next morning to talk some more.  I should have been really worried about that stuff but all I could think about is how late I was to pick up Tiana for the auction.  We had a lovely night at the auction and when it came time to leave we went to another location to talk.  That lead to a very late night of talking in driving.  I was already in love, and was finally aware of it.  She was so interesting and honest.  The next day we planned to hang out some more.  She didn’t get out of bed until 1 pm the next day.

I decided I would tell her that Saturday that I really wanted to start seeing her.  I couldn’t stop thinking of her.  I picked her up that day and we hung out, at dinner time I asked to take her for a nice steak, thinking it would be a good chance to talk and further gauge her interest.  Instead she invited my parents to come with us.  Ok I would tell her later that night.  It was a nervous dinner because everyone at the table knew I was into Tiana, except for Tiana.  After dinner I took Tiana back to her place where we proceeded to watch some more Gerard Butler in “The Ugly Truth”.  Can’t remember a thing about the movie because I was working up the nerve but she sent me all the wrong signals.

So after a night with no openings I did what everyone man would do to sweep a woman off her feet. No I didn’t grab her and kiss her and confess my undying love.  Nope not that.  I didn’t launch into an elegant monologue, nope not this guy.  I did the only thing left to do.  Drove home mad at myself and proceeded to do the most romantic thing.  I texted her my feelings.  Then with a not very good answer she told me to drive up to her house at 1AM and talk.  I did that too.  She kissed me and I left not even sure if I had a new lady in my life, in fact I was more confused.  I thought the message was clear, she was ok with giving me a try.  But then she wouldn’t talk to me the next day.

I spent the next couple of weeks in a relationship that she decided was friends.  She explained we couldn’t date until after the hockey season.  My last good line in the relationship came here “that’s fine but I am going to make you love me.”  After two weeks of spending all our time together she finally relented.  She would try me out.  A week later she explained how she was finally starting to really catch up with her feelings and love me too.  I know romantic right.  So I swept her off the feet the same way I swept the kitchen as a kid, it usually took 4 or 5 tries to complete that chore.

From there we spent eight weeks together, moved Tiana into a new house, a house I have spent every night at since, a Christmas in Kamloops with her family where I asked her Dad for proposal approval.  I didn’t get a ringing endorsement from her Dad and her Mom took time to make a lot of fun of me.  In fact I have always enjoyed Tiana’s mom’s wonderful sense of humour.  A bit crude sure but funny and witty.  Within eight weeks of meeting Tiana I was investing in a ring and propose at a car lot.  We had both discussed our family plans and I wanted to show her the car our family would spend time in.  (We never bought that car, but it was the one Tiana wanted).

It was a whirlwind romance and not for a day in my life do I look over and see anything but the perfect woman.  I realize I am batting way out of my league, and it often leaves me a little insecure.  I can’t believe how lucky I am to spend my life with this wonderful woman. I know she had her pick of men and I don’t know what I did to deserve her.

Thanks for reading about how we met and got engaged.  We have spent almost five years trying to have the family that we discussed in those early months. It has been a very trying experience, and I will share that story in the future.

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