The Story of My Wife! Part 1 – Meeting The Woman of My Dreams


I know you don’t care about my story, but tough, you opened this page.  Now read the whole thing.  As it is my wedding anniversary (number 3) today, I figure I could take some time to tell the story of my relationship.  After all this is all about my narcissism and the hope someone cares to read about me or my opinions.  Plus the fact my wife has chose not to smother me with a pillow, in my sleep, is a testament to her love for me.  It is also a sign of good luck and I should assume that day is coming in the not to distant future.  I annoy the shit out of her on a daily basis, and that is something I am actually good at.

I was never a ladies man, didn’t date a whole lot and even when I did, I wasn’t very good at it.  I got myself into relationships that weren’t balanced often and got stuck in many for a much longer time than I wanted to be in them.  Sometimes that much longer time could be measured in days, and sometimes in longer spans.  In 2009, coming out of a relationship, I decided I was just going to have fun.  I had spent two years in a relationship and wanted to do my own thing.  I found myself a gig coaching midget AA hockey, I love coaching and wanted to grow in that world.

The hockey team I coached was a mess, the initial head coach had charmed his way into the position.  He was wholly unfit to coach and spent most of the team selection camp playing with kids heads and generally setting a bad tone for the season.  He fought for players based on personal relationships and selected 8 team captains.  Our staff had four assistants.  One was a goalie coach who did not a bad job but was unfortunately connected to the head coach.  One was a guy who turned out to be a pretty good coach for the whole year, one assistant was a kid who was not ready for the responsibility and really had little hockey knowledge for that level.  I was the final assistant coach.  I had been coaching for ten years and it was made clear to me I was the back up plan for when they fired the head coach.  The year wasn’t starting well.

However during the tryout and draft week something good did happen.  On the final day of labour day weekend, our program held a top 40 game for the AAA group.  At the end 10 or so players were to be released.  I was the only coach from our team to attend the game and stay for the releases to prepare for the draft.  The other staff member for our team in attendance was our trainer.  This would be my first time meeting Tiana, my future wife.  She had the softest dark curly hair and it really brought out her incredible blue eyes.  I thought “well despite a group of coaches that I don’t get along with, I will have some good eye candy on the bench.”  I spent some time chatting with her, and it turns out she knew most of the players we would be drafting and also had a good understanding of their hockey skills.  Hot and she knew hockey, I should have got down on one knee right there.

Over the next month or so the team environment broke down as was easy to see it would.  The coach was on the hot seat early and they wanted to replace him with me.  Funny thing is I didn’t want the job at all.  The parent group was tainted against our staff and I had applied to be an assistant who would learn from other coaches.  However during this time I started spending time chatting with our trainer more, she was a great sounding board and helped me try and stay in touch with a group of players who were growing frustrated with the coaches.  The kids really liked Tiana and she was a great mothering influence for them.

I realized I was starting to really enjoy this beautiful woman’s company and I started to want to spend more time with her.  I can remember the moment I realized I was already absolutely smitten with this woman.  I had purchased a new suit, with the help of my mothers keen fashion sense.  It was in a small southern Alberta town arena I debuted the new duds.  However I had forgotten to cut the string attaching the opening of the tail of my jacket.  Ok truth is I didn’t know they didn’t come that way, I am a freaking construction worker.  However there was Tiana not allowing me to walk by my players and parents, pulling me aside and subtly cutting the string out.  My heart pumped fast and I realized I really liked who caring and compassionate she was.

Over the next few weeks I would invest a lot of time into fostering a new relationship.  But that is for part 2.

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